Essential Factors To Know Before Undergoing A Knee Surgery

Essential Factors To Know Before Undergoing A Knee Surgery

The knee joint is one of the biggest joints of the body which connects your lower leg to the thighs. Like all the other joints of our body, this joint also has a major function in supporting your weight and letting your legs move as well as bend. If you experience any pain or decreased range of motion in the knee region then it is important to contact an experienced orthopedic doctor in Siliguri. The doctor will diagnose your condition to recommend the best surgical procedures. 

There are various knee conditions that may require surgical intervention such as dislocation, osteoarthritis, injuries, rheumatoid arthritis, fractures, and bursitis. If the doctor has chosen surgery to treat these conditions, then a detailed assessment will be done before performing the procedure. Some of the effective surgical procedures that one can consider include knee replacement and arthroscopy. 

When To Opt For Knee Surgery? 

You must know that surgical interventions are not the only solution for knee problems. There are also available non-surgical treatments that may help you manage the distressing symptoms and sustain knee functioning. 
  • Medications, physical therapy, and lifestyle modifications such as exercise and weight management are the most beneficial options. If these treatment options fail to improve your condition then you can opt for knee surgery. 
  • The decision to opt for surgery is also based on the severity of the condition. Certain knee conditions such as ligament injuries and osteoarthritis may have varying intensity levels where severe cases make a surgical procedure mandatory. The doctor can understand the severity of the condition based on accurate diagnosis through imaging tests such as CT scans.
  • Non-surgical interventions are only effective during the early stages of knee conditions. While performing the diagnostic tests, if the condition indicates an advanced stage with significant damage then surgery is conducted. 

Factors To Consider Before Undergoing The Knee Surgery 

1. Experience of the surgeon 
The success rate of the knee surgery is highly dependent upon the experience and skill of the surgeon. This is why you must always select the best orthopaedic surgeon with in-depth experience in handling knee surgeries.

You can also look for the surgical outcomes and positive patient reviews to make an informed decision. Ensuring a successful surgery with top-notch patient care and advanced techniques are the key factors to consider while undergoing knee surgery.

2. Best technology 
Before undergoing surgery, you must select the best orthopaedic hospital in Siliguri with advanced knee surgery technologies. Star Hospital is a reputed hospital where you can undergo knee surgeries without any second doubt. 

Some of the technologies from which you can select the best one as per your health needs are robot-assisted procedures, traditional open surgeries, and minimally invasive arthroscopic surgeries. Herein, the desired outcomes, experience of the surgeon, and knee condition are the factors based on which the best technology is selected.

3. Know the type of the surgery 
Not only the right technology but it is also important to consider what type of knee surgery will be performed. The surgical technique and type of implant are decided based on the unique patient's needs. 

Herein, the doctor will assess your activity level, degree of knee damage, and lifestyle requirements to select the best type of surgery. Ceramic, metal, and plastic are some of the types of implants that can be inserted through partial or total knee replacement surgery. 

4. Potential complications 
Before undergoing the specific knee surgery, you must know everything about the potential complications. Like any other surgical procedure, knee surgery also involves various complications and risks. Blood clots, complications during the implantation, infection, and recurrent knee issues are the common risk factors associated with the surgery.

The impact and likelihood of these complications can be understood to make an informed decision about the surgery. You must know that continuous surgical advancements are now reducing the range of these complications for a risk-free surgical experience. 

5. Assess your condition 
Before undergoing knee replacement surgery, it is also important for you to assess your health condition. This will help the doctor in determining the severity of your condition to decide the requirement of the surgery. 

The factors regarding your knee that you must check are a limited range of motion, knee problems affecting your daily activities, and persistent pain. If these issues are found then surgery can be an appropriate solution for improved knee functioning. 

6. Benefits associated with the surgery 
It is not only important for you to know about the complications but it is also pivotal to understand the benefits related to knee surgery. This will help you to know about the expected outcomes of the surgery.

The major benefits that you can enjoy after the intervention are improved life quality, pain relief, and enhanced mobility. After surgery, you can also use and move the knees more seamlessly to undergo daily life activities. 

7. Pre-surgery preparations 
To ensure a smooth surgical process, you must communicate with the orthopaedic doctor in Siliguri about the pre-surgery procedures. Adhering to the pre-surgical procedures will help you in reducing the risk of complications. 

The doctor will give you clear instructions about the preparation which may include dietary changes, medications, and certain lifestyle modifications. It is essential to follow the instructions and take the prescribed medications diligently for optimal surgical outcomes. 

8. Recovery period
Another important factor that you must consider is the recovery period. However, the recovery time may vary based on the overall health and specific type of surgery. In most cases, the recovery usually takes a few weeks to several months.

Properly following the post-surgical instructions and taking the medications will surely contribute to speeding up the recovery process. Understanding the recovery time is crucial to plan home assistance and days of leave required from the work schedule. 

9. Cost considerations 
Cost is another important factor that needs to be considered while undergoing knee surgery. You may evaluate the surgical procedures, fee of the surgeon, required hospital stays, and post-surgical rehabilitation to estimate the total cost required for the surgery. 

Additionally, you can also ask the hospital facility about the insurance coverage available. It is always a better option to stay clear about all the financial aspects before opting for the surgery.

10. Post-surgical care 
Understanding postoperative care is another pivotal factor that requires consideration before knee surgery. Generally, multiple follow-up appointments are scheduled with the surgeon to evaluate the progression towards recovery. 

If you experienced any complications or pain after the surgery then you must report it to the doctor immediately. Apart from follow-up, various activity restrictions and medications will also be included in the postoperative care plan. Don’t forget to follow these instructions to ensure proper well-being during the healing period. 

11. Check patient reviews 
If you want to understand the experience of other patients who have undergone the same surgery then you can go through the patient testimonials. Reading the recent patient reviews will enable you to know about the entire procedure, success rates, patient satisfaction, and recovery process. 

Herein, reading inspiring and positive success stories will also motivate you to undergo the surgery without any stress or second thoughts. The experience of the surgeon can also be evaluated with this consideration.

12. Rehabilitation process 
To restore mobility and normal knee function, you must understand the steps that you must take during the rehabilitation stage. In most cases, the doctor recommends effective post-operative care along with exercises and physical therapy to improve knee functioning. 

Following the rehabilitation plan curated by your healthcare team is important to attain a smooth recovery. You must also be involved in continuous follow-ups to check the recovery status. 

To adopt an active and pain-free life, you must book an appointment with a renowned orthopaedic doctor in Siliguri. Considering the above-mentioned factors will enable you to make a wise choice while selecting the right surgeon and hospital for knee surgery and attain successful surgical outcomes. 

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