At Star Hospital, our department of maxillofacial surgery comprises a team built with collaboration among highly trained ENT and dental surgeons who are able to fix all of your face, jaw and mouth defects. They not only help to reduce the deformities of your face but also use various procedures that help you to manage the pain and restore its functionality.
Maxillofacial Surgery

Maxillofacial Surgery is a form of operation performed by dental surgeons to fix or restore any kind of disease or injuries related to your face, jaw and mouth. Whether you have been in an accident leading to facial deformities or have been suffering from severe pain in your jaw, our experts with their surgical procedures will help you to restore all of your dental and maxillary sinus-related issues.

Key Treatments

  • Improvement in Jaw Function
  • Placing Dental Implants
  • Extracting impacted teeth
  • Treating oral diseases
  • Diagnosing Chronic Dental Pain
  • Implanting Dental Prosthetics

Maxillofacial Surgery Doctors

Dr. Adhiraj Ghosh

Dr. Adhiraj Ghosh


Dr. Imanava De

Dr. Imanava De

MDS, BDS, Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics

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Frequently Asked Questions on Maxillofacial Surgery

When should I opt for maxillofacial Surgery?

You need to go for the surgery if you have facial trauma, jaw misalignment, facial injuries and severe bite problems.

The surgery not only helps to get rid of your facial defects and injuries but also helps you to improve your overall appearance of the face.

Most facial surgeries include the use of general anaesthesia due to which you won't feel any kind of pain during the surgery. However, after the surgery during recovery, you might feel minimal pain.

After the surgery, you need to be hospitalized for a minimum of three days after which you are sent home. Although initial healing takes up to six weeks, it can take around 3 months to fully recover from the surgery.

A dentist focuses on maintaining oral health and treating common dental issues such as bleeding gums, and cracked teeth. Whereas a maxillofacial Surgeon handles complex conditions including facial fractures, removal of tumours, conducting surgery and many more.

The surgery is generally completed in 1 to 2 hours based on your condition. After which you are moved to the recovery room till the effect of anaesthesia wears off.

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