Trauma surgery is a branch of field surgery that deals with providing immediate care to individuals who have suffered from severe trauma.
Trauma Surgery

At Star Hospital, the Department of Trauma Surgery specializes in examining and stabilizing your condition with necessary treatments and medications. Catastrophic incidents such as car accidents falls, and gunshot injuries can have a huge impact on health leading to life-threatening situations. Our team of expert trauma surgeons will take full responsibility for managing your health condition with immediate evacuation and providing effective treatments. 

Key Treatments

  • Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Vascular Trauma Surgery
  • Neurotrauma Surgery
  • Abdominal Trauma Surgery
  • Thoracic Trauma Surgery
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Frequently Asked Questions on Trauma Surgery

What conditions are treated under trauma surgery?

The Department of Trauma Surgery provides treatment against life-threatening health conditions such as internal bleeding, head injuries, spinal cord injuries, burns and many more.

Some of the treatments performed by the trauma surgeon include fracture repair, internal organ reconstruction, neurosurgery, and vascular surgery. 

The recovery from the trauma surgery depends on various factors such as age, type of injury, medical condition and many more. Recovery from simple fractures can take up to two months while complex surgeries can take up to 12 months to recover completely.

The trauma surgeon works with specialists in many fields such as orthopaedic, neurology, plastic surgeons and others depending on the condition and kind of injuries.

Sports injuries, traffic accidents, gunshot wounds, and falls resulting in broken bones are some of the common types of injuries that lead to undergoing trauma surgery.

Like all surgeries, trauma surgery is also prone to many risks some of which are excessive blood loss, anaesthetic side effects, infections and other health complications. It is ideal to consult with your doctor regarding the risks associated with your surgery.

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