Best Critical Care Services At Star Hospital In Siliguri

Siliguri is a vibrant city in West Bengal, where Star Hospital acts as a guardian in the realm of healthcare during critical moments or medical emergencies. If life takes an unexpected turn then without any further confusion you can trust the high-quality and advanced critical care services at Star Hospital.

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During an emergency, every second counts and our commitment is to stand by your side with the best medical expertise in such hard times. Our experienced team of medical professionals and modern technologies are always ready to offer fast recovery to patients. When your life is hanging on a balance, you can get the required reassurance and solace from our end.

Our compassionate services not only prioritize managing the distressing symptoms but also address the root cause behind the life-threatening injuries and illnesses. At Star Hospital, we realize the need for urgent diagnosis in case of medical crisis, and we always aim to work together to safeguard the well-being and vitality of every patient.

Star Hospital's Unique Critical Care Unit

Why Choose Star Hospital?

Choosing Star Hospital will ensure you the best services for critical care in Siliguri, which will surely exceed your expectations. Our 50+ facilities, 24/7 emergency services, and skilled doctors will offer you steady support during the medical crisis.

Key features of Star Hospital:

  • 70+ Doctors
  • 24/7 Emergency Services
  • 50+ Facilities
  • 30+ Departments
  • Advanced Critical Care Equipment
  • Laboratory Services
  • Advanced Operation Theatres
  • Doctor on Call
  • Precise Diagnostic Services
  • Modern Pathological Services
  • Equipped Intensive Care Unit

Extraordinary Critical Care Expertise

State-of-the-Art Facilities

You can explore our modern critical care equipment with advanced technology to get the best critical care services. Our 70+ skilled doctors also make us the epitome of this field.

Dedicated Critical Care Team

The leading and dedicated professionals at Star Hospital are committed to ensuring you the best diagnosis and treatment. The doctors in the critical care unit are 24/7 available to provide you with immediate responses.

Patient-Centered Care

At Star Hospital, you can attain patient-centered care where your unique health needs will be addressed for long-term recovery. This will also help you in making informed decisions about your healthcare.

Star Hospital Siliguri: Elevating Critical Care Excellence At The Core

Defining Critical Care

Critical care at Star Hospital is an important clinical department that offers medical care to people suffering from life-threatening illnesses and injuries. This type of specialized care is provided to patients in the intensive care unit (ICU), which is a dedicated area for emergencies.

critical care siliguri

Top-Notch Equipment At Star Hospital's Critical Care Unit In Siliguri

Explore the Pioneering Equipment At Star Hospital:


Monitors act as the backbone of our critical care department since they can precisely provide all the information regarding your physiologic condition. From pulse rate and respiration rate to blood pressure, it can provide real-time information to the medical team for accurate diagnosis.

Dialysis Machine

In the department of renal care, dialysis machines play a significant role in offering medical support to patients who are suffering from kidney failure. The method of haemodialysis is done with this machine to filter the blood and provide effective renal therapy.


Ventilation is a type of life support offered to patients in the critical care department to help them breathe normally. This equipment is recommended for patients suffering from brain injury, stroke, or coma. Ventilators play a vital role in fulfilling our commitment to offering optimal care.

Urinary Catheter

These are the flexible tubes which are connected to the bladder of the patients for collecting urine. This is necessary equipment for those who can empty their bladder naturally. This equipment helps in offering comprehensive patient care.

Syringe Pumps

In the field of medicine administration, the syringe pumps are essential to infuse the drugs and medicines into the veins of the patients. In most cases, insulin, pain-relieving, and blood pressure-controlling drugs are given with it in case of any emergencies.

ECG Machines

The rhythm and other electric activity of the heart are checked by the ECG machines. Patients suffering from chronic lung conditions are often recommended this diagnostic procedure.


Defibrillators are highly effective shock-giving machines that can successfully restore the normal rhythmic pattern of the heart. The issues associated with cardiac arrhythmias can be managed with it. This machine possess a major role in ensuring our cardiac care excellence.

Specialized Treatments In Critical Care Unit Of Star Hospital

At Star Hospital, the critical care unit acts as a beacon of nurturing and healing. Here you can avail of a diverse array of treatments for various health complications requiring urgent care. As a reputed critical care nursing home in this region, we provide essential departments, emergency, diagnosis, and trauma care under one roof for complete healing.

critical care siliguri

Critical Care Siliguri: Curative and Nurturing Care Beyond Boundaries

Accidental Wounds

If you've suffered from any of this accidental wounds such as lacerations, cuts, and grazes then without any further delay you must visit our nursing home concerned doctor to avoid any infections or pain.

Sepsis Care

Star Hospital excel in offering supportive care for septic shock and sepsis. Source control, surgical excision of the infected area, oxygen support, and drainage of the pus are some of the effective measures taken here.

Kidney Failure Interventions

The unstable patients suffering from kidney failure are given continuous renal replacement therapy to manage the condition. Herein, patients who are a bit stable are provided with regular dialysis in our critical care unit while prioritizing the unique situation of every patient.

Severe Bleeding and Burn Care

Severe bleeding as well as burns caused due to accidents are treated with utmost care in critical care. Our skilled personnel are present 24/7 in this unit to offer you immediate treatments. You can trust us to get the best treatments in critical moments to attain the best health outcomes.

Heart Attack Management

For a heart attack, our specialized care team carefully monitors your heart with various blood tests and echocardiograms. The treatment in critical care for heart attack may start with CPR to maintain the blood flow while ensuring an accurate diagnosis for cardiac emergencies.

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You can embark on a journey to optimal health by booking an appointment with Star Hospital's Critical Care services in Siliguri. Experience the high point of healthcare where compassion and precision are our topmost priorities.

Don't wait for any medical emergencies to arise and be always active to ensure your well-being. Your health is our commitment, so book your appointment now by calling +91 80010 06060. You can also embrace a new journey towards medical excellence by filling out the online appointment form on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What health conditions are commonly treated in the critical care unit?
The critical care unit in Star Hospital cures a wide range of disorders. Some of them are cardiac issues, critical infections, organ failure, and severe injuries. Our specialized team is always ready to cater for any medical emergencies.
What makes the critical care unit of Star Hospital unique?
Star Hospital's critical care unit is distinguished by an amalgamation of experienced medical team, advanced technology, top-notch facilities, and comprehensive care to offer you the best health outcomes.
Are the critical care and emergency departments different?
Yes, the critical care unit and emergency department caters different purposes. The emergency department addresses the health needs and stabilizes the condition while intensive monitoring is offered in critical care for life-threatening disorders.
What is the role of ventilators in the critical care unit?
A ventilator is an essential piece of equipment in a critical care unit that offers the necessary life support to patients who are unable to breathe normally. Normal breathing function can be attained with it in case of coma, brain injury, or stroke.
Can I get life support in critical care?
Yes, life support is the main feature of critical care at Star Hospital. The advanced technology and equipment in this unit offer you comprehensive life support for precise interventions and continuous monitoring of vital functions.
What is the responsibility of our critical care specialist in Siliguri?
A critical care specialist in Siliguri is a specialized medical professional who can manage life-threatening illnesses effectively. They are often the lead of the critical care team and offer intensive care to the patients.
When is a shock performed in critical care?
In critical care unit, a shock is given when you suffer from serious heart conditions or cardiac arrhythmias. When a shock is provided, it can restore normal heartbeat patterns.
What contribution does Star Hospital offer to the community's well-being through its critical care services in Siliguri?
Star Hospital prioritizes in serving the community with its critical care services in Siliguri. Our community-centric initiatives include awareness campaigns, educational efforts, and outreach programs to promote safety and health in this region.
Who Provides Care in the Critical Care Unit?
Our Critical Care team at Star hospital, Siliguri comprises experienced healthcare professionals, including board-certified critical care physicians, nurses specialized in intensive care, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, and other support staff trained to manage critical situations.

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