Laboratory Services

Star Hospital offers comprehensive laboratory services comprising a team of experts that tirelessly work to provide accurate and quality test results in various fields through state-of-the-art facilities helping towards the journey of your wellbeing.


Star Hospital comprises a team of biochemists that focuses on studying and understanding chemical and life science regarding its impact on our well-being.


Clinical Pathology

The department is a part of laboratory medicine that focuses on diagnosing diseases through body fluids such as blood, tissues and urine. We have a team of clinical pathologists who work tirelessly to understand the cause of disease.


Cytology is a branch of medicine at Star Hospital that focuses on understanding and examining the body, structure and behaviour of an individual cell found in the fluid specimen.


It is the branch of medicine that focuses on understanding and diagnosing various diseases that are related to blood disorders. We specialize in the field of blood research delivering quality service for our patients' well-being.



Histology is a part of a laboratory that fully focuses on studying the tissues found in the specimen under a microscope. Our histopathologists are dedicated to diagnosing and studying diseases related to tissues and organs.


At Star Hospital the Department of Microbiology focuses on gathering knowledge about microorganisms and how they can benefit humans.

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