General Surgery In Siliguri: Complete Care at Star Hospital

A general surgeon is a specialist medical personnel skilled in treating a wide range of diseases affecting different body parts. By reducing pain and promoting recovery through surgical procedures, they are essential in helping patients live better lives.

General Surgery Siliguri

At Star Hospital, we have the best general surgeons in Siliguri providing tailored suggestions and carrying out necessary surgeries with vast experience and knowledge covering a broad range of ailments and disorders to guarantee the best possible outcomes for each patient. We always put your health first and work hard to give you compassionate and all-encompassing care that will improve your overall quality of life.

Why Choose Dr. Vishant Deo?

Dr. Vishant Deo is a renowned general & laparoscopic surgeon of Siliguri with 7 years of experience in the field of oncology and general surgery.

He has expertise in general and advanced laparoscopic surgery like Appendix Surgery, Breast Surgery, Gallbladder Surgery, Hernia Surgery, Gastrointestinal Surgery and many more.

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Expert Surgical Care at Star Hospital Siliguri
Expert Surgical Care at Star Hospital Siliguri

When To Book An Appointment With A General Surgeon At Star Hospital

It's essential to know when to see a general surgeon in Siliguri at Star Hospital if you want prompt and efficient care. If any of the following conditions apply to you, think about setting up an appointment with the surgeon:

Upon Surgery Recommendation

It is advisable to see our general surgeon if your doctor recommends surgery after non-surgical therapy is ineffective in relieving your symptoms. They can evaluate your situation and choose the best surgical technique to meet your needs.

During Medical Emergencies

It is imperative that you get prompt medical assistance from our qualified general surgeon in the event of a medical emergency, such as a hernia, appendicitis, gall bladder problems, kidney stones, or even a gunshot wound. Their breadth of expertise allows them to act quickly in emergencies, possibly saving lives.

Abdominal discomfort and Discomfort

If your stomach discomfort is severe or persistent and does not go away with over-the-counter medicine, there may be underlying problems that need to be surgically resolved.

Symptoms of Appendicitis

If you suddenly have intense lower abdominal pain, along with nausea, vomiting, and appetite loss, it may indicate appendicitis, which should be evaluated by a general surgeon immediately once.

Skin Lesions or Cysts

To rule out any possible issues, a general surgeon should examine any suspicious skin lesions or cysts, particularly those that change in colour, size, or shape.

Experienced General Surgeons For Specialized Procedures

Furthermore, persistent digestive problems like chronic heartburn, indigestion, or changes in bowel habits should be taken into consideration for consultation with a general surgeon in Siliguri, as should any changes in breast size, shape, or appearance.

Experienced General Surgeons For Specialized Procedures

Our expert general surgeons possess extensive surgical knowledge who are also specialized in trauma care, surgical critical care, and surgical oncology. The general surgery department is not only responsible for performing various surgeries but it also ensures effective pre, during, and post-operative care.

Icons Appendectomy Surgery

At Star Hospital, the painful inflammation caused due to appendicitis is reduced by performing effective appendectomy surgeries. Our skilled surgeons will assure you a speedy recovery while ensuring patient well-being and comfort. The surgical removal of the appendix will significantly reduce the risks of rupture and other related complications.

Icons Reconstructive Surgery for Tissue Repair

Our comprehensive approach to general surgery also explores the realm of reconstructive surgeries. These surgical procedures performed by the surgeons help to restore the normal function and structure of the body tissues. We ensure effective reconstruction of the tissues for several congenital conditions as well as post-trauma cases.

Icons Solid Organ Surgery for Complex Conditions

Star Hospital excels in solid organ surgery, offering advanced results for complications in adrenal glands, liver, pancreas, and spleen. Our multidisciplinary approach guarantees in-depth diagnostic procedures and optimal treatment options. You can avail of both open and laparoscopic surgical methods here for the resection of the organs.

Icons Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy for Weight Loss

Explore the minimally invasive option of sleeve gastrectomy for weight loss. Star Hospital's laparoscopic surgeons employ advanced ways, ensuring quicker recovery and long-term success in managing weight. The effective techniques used here also reduce the chances of surgery complications such as infection, bleeding, and blood clotting.

Icons Tumour Removal Procedures with Accuracy

Trust our experts for the elimination of abnormal growths in various body organs. Our technical team utilizes advanced surgical styles, icing thorough tumour removal with minimum impact on other body tissues. The common areas of tumour that can be treated in our specialized department of general surgery in Siliguri are soft tissue, bone, organ, brain, and skin tumours.

Icons Palliative Surgery for Incurable Conditions

Star Hospital provides palliative surgery for various complications such as Alzheimer's and cancer. Our compassionate approach focuses on enhancing the life quality of people who are suffering from incurable health conditions. The main aim of these surgeries is to manage the distressing symptoms while improving the survival time of the patients.

Icons Effective Hernia Surgery Results

Removing the abnormal sacs in abdominal cavities requires perfection and accuracy. Our knowledgeable surgeons specialize in hernia surgery, furnishing effective results for a wide range of hernia types. At Star Hospital, you can get advanced hernia removal procedures which ultimately shortens the recovery period and enables you to get back to a normal lifestyle.

Icons Gastric Bypass Surgery for Weight Management

Witness a transformative change in the functioning of the small intestine and stomach with gastric bypass surgery. Our expert surgeons at Star Hospital become the main companion in your weight loss journey while enabling you to avoid all the health complications associated with being overweight and obese.

Getting Ready for Surgery: Things to Talk About with Your General Surgeon

It's crucial to have in-depth communication with your general surgeon before surgery to guarantee a seamless and secure traditional or minimal access surgery in Siliguri. The following are important subjects to discuss in your consultation:

Icons Health Routines and Medical History

Tell us about all of your medical history, including any chronic illnesses like allergies, heart disease, or asthma. Talk about your routine, your exercise regimen, and any sleep problems you may have, such as snoring, as these can affect anaesthesia and surgery.

Icons Medication and Supplements

Provide a detailed list of all the vitamins, prescription meds, and over-the-counter items you now take. Before surgery, your surgeon could suggest changing your drug schedule.

Icons Recreational Drug and Alcohol Use

Admit to using drugs, alcohol, or other substances for recreational purposes. These uses can have an impact on anaesthetic and surgical results. Your surgeon must modify the anaesthesia in accordance with the amount of drugs you take.

Icons Anaesthetic Reaction

Let your surgeon know about any past bad anaesthetic reactions, even if they happened years ago. Furthermore, divulge any family history of adverse responses to anaesthesia or painkillers.

Icons Handling Fear and Anxiety

Feeling nervous about surgery and anaesthesia is normal. Talk about your worries with your surgeon and the medical staff to get support and information that can help reduce stress and guarantee a good experience.

Icons Questions and Answers

Before your appointment, prepare a list of questions, and throughout the conversation, take notes. Think about going with a friend or family member you can trust to assist you in remembering crucial information and asking pertinent questions.

Icons Recovery Plan

Talk about techniques for managing pain and other side effects after undergoing open or laparoscopic surgery in Siliguri. Address any questions you may have about going home, starting activities again, and going about your everyday business after surgery.

Icons Surgery Preparation

Your surgeon will go over surgical preparation requirements, such as fasting before the procedure, cleanliness precautions, and required medical testing, depending on the type of surgery you need. To guarantee a satisfactory conclusion, carefully adhere to the following instructions.

Your general surgeon in Siliguri can help you address any concerns, comprehend the surgical technique, and properly prepare for your forthcoming treatment by having open and detailed discussions.

Crucial Examinations Suggested by General Surgeons In Siliguri

A variety of diagnostic tests may be recommended by general surgeons in Siliguri in response to particular symptoms and possible underlying disorders. These examinations are essential for correctly identifying and managing a range of medical conditions. The following typical test kinds are suggested which you can undergo by visiting the best surgical centre in Siliguri:

Blood tests

  • Icons Complete Blood Count (CBC): Evaluates general health and finds infections or anaemia.
  • Icons Liver Function Tests (LFTs): Assess the function and health of the liver.
  • Icons Kidney Function Tests: These ascertain how well the kidneys are functioning.

Imaging Examinations

  • Icons X-rays: Provide an image of the bones and soft tissues, which can help with the identification of internal organs and musculoskeletal problems.
  • Icons Ultrasound: Uses sound waves to examine organs like the kidneys and gallbladder.
  • Icons CT scan (Computed Tomography): Offers exact diagnosis through detailed cross-sectional pictures of the body.
  • Icons Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI): Provides fine-grained pictures of organs, joints, and soft tissues.


Tumor Removal
  • Icons Upper Endoscopy: Enables examination of the upper small intestine, stomach, and oesophagus.
  • Icons Colonoscopy: Uses visual inspection of the colon and rectum to identify anomalies such as malignant cancers.


  • Icons Tissue Biopsy: To diagnose pathological diseases, a tiny tissue sample is removed and analysed. Other techniques can be employed, such as surgical or needle biopsy.

Cardiac Examinations

  • Icons Electrocardiogram, EKG or ECG: This test measures the electrical activity of the heart.
  • Icons Stress Test: Aids in the diagnosis of cardiac problems by assessing heart function during physical activity.

General surgeons can more precisely diagnose patients' illnesses and create individualized treatment programs for them with the use of these diagnostic tests.

Why Prefer Star Hospital for General Surgery in Siliguri?

Skilled Surgeons With Extensive Experience

Benefit from the expertise team of skilled general surgeons. The general surgeon here will not only perform the surgery successfully but he will also lead you towards a healthy lifestyle.

Advanced Facilities

Star Hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art amenities and installations for optimal surgical care. We have an advanced medical infrastructure with 50+ facilities and 30+ departments along with a top-notch ICU, laboratory, operation theatre, and emergency care unit.

Patient-Centric Approach

Our priority is to address the specific health needs of the patients to offer a more personalized treatment approach. This method aids in the accurate diagnosis of the health complications which then improves the recovery rates.

Complications Managed by Our General Surgeons in Siliguri

  • Hernia Repair
  • Gallbladder Conditions
  • Appendicitis
  • Kidney Stones And Associated Complications
  • Heart Conditions
  • Gastrointestinal Tract Issues
  • Prostate Problems
  • Urinary Incontinence
  • Digestive Tract Issues
  • External Hemorrhoids
  • Tumors Removal
  • Congenital Conditions Such As Spina Bifida, Cerebral Palsy, And Cystic Fibrosis

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Star Hospital is one of the most renowned names in the field of general surgery in Siliguri. Our main aim is to offer you advanced, compassionate, and personalized care for complete recovery. Before beginning your healthcare journey with us, we invite you to explore our official website to get in-depth information about our top-notch facilities, services and experienced general surgeons.

You can take the first step towards recovery by contacting us since your well-being and health is always our priority. For consulting a doctor or to get expert advice, you can dial our toll-free number 1800 128 044 or call +91 80010 06060. You can also simplify the consultation procedure by filling out the online appointment form on our website. Trust Star Hospital to embark on a seamless recovery journey with a comfortable general surgery experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Illnesses and Conditions Do General & Minimal Access Surgeons Treat?
Treatment for a wide range of illnesses and ailments is the speciality of a general and minimal access surgeon, including:
  • Cancer
  • Tumors
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Hernias
  • Thyroid issues (including thyroidectomy)
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease.
  • Pancreatitis
  • Gastritis
  • Cirrhosis
  • Appendicitis
  • Gallstones and gallbladder inflammation
  • Abdominal pain
  • Stunts to the abdomen

These talented surgeons are prepared to use both conventional and minimally invasive surgical techniques to treat a range of medical conditions.

What is a big surgery in general surgery?
Appendectomy, hernia repair, cholecystectomy (removal of the gallbladder), and bowel resection are examples of major surgeries in general surgery.
How risky is general surgery?
General surgery has certain risks, just like any other surgical operation. These risks include bleeding, infection, anaesthesia-related side effects, and issues unique to the surgery being done. Nonetheless, when it comes to treating some medical diseases, the potential advantages of surgical intervention frequently exceed the risks.
Can a C-section be performed by a general surgeon?
If they possess the required education and experience, a general surgeon is qualified to perform a caesarean section (C-section). Obstetricians and gynaecologists, or OB-GYNs, are the medical professionals who specialize in pregnancy, childbirth, and women's reproductive health, so they are usually the ones who do C-sections
Which illnesses require surgery?
Several illnesses and ailments, including cancer, appendicitis, gallstones, hernias, gastrointestinal disorders, trauma-related injuries, and congenital abnormalities, among others, may call for surgical intervention.
What does a general surgery department do and when are you referred to it?
The general surgery department involves surgeries for various complications associated with the intestines, liver, gallbladder, and stomach. You are often referred to this department if you suffer from gallstones, tumours, hernia, and appendicitis.
Is anaesthesia used during a general surgery?
Yes, in most cases general anaesthesia is used during a general surgery to offer you a pain-free surgical experience. Other types of anaesthesia can also be used which can be discussed during preoperative consultations.
What are the pre-operative instructions that I must follow before a general surgery?
The preparation before the surgery depends upon your health condition but generally, you will be recommended to fast before the surgery and discontinue certain ongoing medications. You can also ask for a pre-operative checklist from the surgeon.
What are the common complications and risks associated with general surgery?
Some of the common risks associated with general surgery are side effects of anaesthesia, infection, scarring, and bleeding. You will be informed about these complications during the informed consent procedure.
Why is Star Hospital considered the best for general surgery?
Star Hospital in Siliguri is a renowned name for general surgery excellence. Some of the factors that make this multispecialty hospital the best choice are the patient-centric approach, specialized team of experts, and top-notch facilities.
What general surgery procedures can I avail of from Star Hospital?
Star Hospital offers a diverse range of general surgery procedures including laparoscopic procedures, appendectomy, tumour removal, and hernia surgery. You can consult an expert surgeon to determine the best surgical option.
What infection control measures does Star Hospital adopt during general surgery?
Star Hospital maintains an effective protocol for infection control which involves staff training, sanitation measures, and patient screening. These measures are followed rigorously to ensure patient safety.
How will my ongoing medications and medical history be managed during the surgical procedure?
Your ongoing medications and medical history are the most important considerations before recommending surgery. Your general surgeon will review all this information during the pre-operative assessment to ensure a safe surgical process.

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