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Star Hospital is a well-known name in the healthcare industry, which is equipped with diverse medical departments and experienced doctors. Apart from surgical procedures and emergencies, this can also be your premier choice for urological care. Our healthcare philosophy is to guide you towards a transformational path for urological wellness through support from our best urologist in Siliguri. Our urological specialists, led by Dr. S.K. Jha is dedicated to offering you a comprehensive treatment for the best healthcare outcomes.

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Here, we understand the importance of your urinary system and how it can play a vital role in ensuring a healthy lifestyle. We invite you to explore the specialized urological department with personalized care options, uro-oncological treatments, cutting-edge facilities, and paediatric services for the well-being of the urethra, bladder, ureters, and kidneys.

Siliguri's Top Urologist: Your Primary Choice for Urological Concerns

Star Hospital is known for its state-of-the-art equipment and best healthcare solutions. Dr. SK Jha leads our team with a commitment to personalized urologic care and affordable treatment options, which sets us apart is our unique philosophy of prioritising patient satisfaction, which we achieve through personalized urologic care and affordable treatment options. We are a recognized multispecialty hospital in Siliguri with an unwavering commitment to ensuring your well-being.

Supreme Urological Expertise

At Star Hospital, you can consult more than 70+ doctors who are highly experienced in their specializations. You can trust our urologists to manage the distressing symptoms of your urological concerns.

All-Inclusive Facilities Under One Roof

We have 50+ advanced facilities with 30+ medical departments. If you're visiting us for urological disorders then you can get laboratory, diagnostic, and surgical assistance here other than doctor consultations.

24/7 Emergency Services

Our nursing home is equipped with top-notch emergency services for any urological emergencies. Our urological emergency team is always available to offer you immediate care and life support.

Accurate Diagnostic Services

You can avail of accurate and advanced diagnostic services from our nursing home. The precise diagnosis information will help the urologist to provide you with the best care.

Expertise in Uro-surgeries

Our team of top urologists in Siliguri can not only detect the root causes behind the urological symptoms but can also perform uro-surgeries. Our modern OTs and surgical equipment ensure successful surgical outcomes.

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Modern Healthcare Infrastructure

Star Hospital is well-known for following the latest medical advancements so that you get the best diagnosis and treatment. Our modern infrastructure will assure you of a seamless healthcare journey.


Our commitment towards excellence and advanced healthcare solutions makes us a reputed name in the healthcare landscape of this region.

Patient-Centric Approach

We look beyond the traditional way of treating urological conditions. Our dedication is to precisely identify the unique health needs of patients to include a personalized touch in the treatment.

Expert Urologist In Siliguri For Specialized Treatments

The specialized treatment options with enhanced interdepartmental collaboration for a better healthcare outcome makes Star Hospital a reputed urologist hospital in Siliguri. Our experienced urologists are skilled enough to handle intricate cases of urology with invasive, minimally invasive as well as non-invasive techniques.

Best Solution For Prostate Problems

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Prostate Problems || Star Hospital
Prostate Problems || Star Hospital

Our expert team can offer you the best prostate problem solutions for reproductive health. The issues that can be managed here with compassionate care are prostate cancer, inflammation, and enlarged prostate. Treatment options that you can get here will ensure you a long-term recovery and will enable you to live a pain-free life.

Handling Urological Cancers With Precision

Urinary tract cancers can affect both men and women and if these cancers are treated at an early stage then they can be cured completely. You can contact the top urologists in Star Hospital to get precise treatment options and surgeries for penile, bladder, kidney, testicular, or prostate cancer. Our high-quality facilities will ensure you a comfortable recovery journey.

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Accurate Bladder and Kidney Stone Treatments

Our urologists can ensure you relief from the painful symptoms of bladder and kidney stones. Our proper diagnostic tools help in determining the accurate size and location of the stones so that an effective treatment option can be recommended. You can contact an experienced urologist to get the best medical therapy, surgery, and preventive measures for urological concerns.

Specialized Approach To Paediatric Urology

Not only adults, at Star Hospital you can also avail of essential treatment services for paediatric urological concerns. Some of the paediatric urological disorders that our team of experts can treat are undescended testicles, bedwetting, hernia, neurogenic bladder, daytime wetting, hematuria, and urinary tract infections.

Handling Urinary Tract Issues

Our nursing home is equipped with an advanced infrastructure and expertise to handle diverse urinary tract issues. You can visit our healthcare facility to resolve the symptoms of urinary tract infections, cystitis, blood in urine, and urinary retention. You can take the first step towards urological health with us.

Schedule Your Appointment Now with Our Expert Urologists in Siliguri

For leading urological healthcare services, you can visit Star Hospital to consult with the best urologist in Siliguri. The highest standard of care and advanced treatment procedures here will surely be your preferred choice for experiencing a healthy lifestyle. To avail of the top urological treatment and uro-surgery, you can contact Star Hospital by calling +91 80010 06060. You can also ensure a personalized healthcare journey, you can fill out the enquiry form while exploring our official website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the common health conditions managed by an urologist?
An urologist can treat various complications associated with the urinary system of women, men, and children. In some cases, they can also treat diseases related to the reproductive system. Urinary incontinence, urinary tract infections, kidney stones, pelvic floor prolapse, prostate issues, and haematuria are some of the conditions treated by them.
What makes Star Hospital the best choice for urologic concerns?
Star Hospital is a renowned multispecialty hospital in Siliguri for its specialized urological department with a team of urological experts, modern infrastructure, and advanced diagnostic equipment. We can ensure the best possible care with our modern medical infrastructure.
Are there any specialized surgical measures for urological issues at Star Hospital?
Yes, Star Hospital is well-equipped with specialized surgical measures from experienced urologists. Some of the surgical options that can be availed of from here are kidney stones, urological cancers, and prostate surgeries.
What is the role of dialysis in the urological department?
Kidney failure is a urological emergency, which requires immediate care. Dialysis becomes the main life support in such cases since it helps in removing excessive fluid and waste products from the blood.
When should I decide to visit the best urologist in Siliguri?
You must consider booking an appointment with the best urologist in Siliguri if you experience any early signs of urologic concerns. Some of the concerning symptoms include painful urination, overactive bladder, blood in urine, and pain in the back or lower abdominal areas.
Is surgery the only option for kidney stones?
No, surgery is not required to treat most kidney stones as they can pass on their own with the help of medications and diet. However, if the stones are stuck in the ureters then the doctor may recommend surgery to remove them.
Can I fully recover from bladder cancer?
Yes, if bladder cancer has been detected in the early stage then it can be cured almost entirely. However, a more radical treatment approach is required for treating the cancers that have reached later or metastatic stages.
What services can I get from the urological department at Star Hospital?
Star Hospital is a well-known name for its intricacy and excellence in handling urological cases. The services that you can get in this department are minimally invasive surgeries, non-invasive diagnostic techniques, modern operation theatres, and a dedicated emergency unit for urological emergencies.
What Preparations Do I Need Before Urological Surgery?
Before undergoing urological surgery, our team will provide detailed instructions on pre-operative preparations, including dietary restrictions, medication adjustments, and any necessary tests. We'll ensure you're fully informed and prepared for your procedure.
Is Urology Care Available for Children?
Absolutely. Our urology department in Siliguri offers specialized pediatric urology services for children with urinary tract and genital abnormalities. Our compassionate team is dedicated to providing age-appropriate care for our youngest patients.

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