Support Services

Star Health also offers its patients with extra support services to ensure that they get the best healthcare solutions from us. From state-of-the-art facilities to 24x7 emergency care, our support service is always there to provide the best treatment against unexpected medical conditions.

24x7 Emergency & Trauma Care

Whether you have been in a traffic accident or suffered from a severe health condition, our team of emergency and trauma care is always there to manage your condition with vest quality healthcare service.

Trauma Care

Ultra Modular Operation Theatre

Star Hospital features an ultra-modular operation theatre equipped with modern technology and infrastructure that allows us to provide the best surgical treatment to our patients.

Ultra Modular Operation Theatre

Critical Care Units (ICU, NICU, HDU)

We are well equipped with a wide range of critical care units that are designed to provide the utmost care to patients suffering from life-threatening conditions.


Star Hospital also offers its patients with hospital pharmacy headed by senior pharmacists that is responsible for dispensing medications and monitoring the drug dosage forms.



Dialysis is a process of filtering excess fluid from the body of a person whose kidney has stopped working. Our department of nephrology features a dialysis unit that is used to filter the extra fluids of people suffering from kidney failure.



Our Hospital also houses a canteen headed by a chef who understands the meaning of healthy nutrition and its benefits for the healing of patients. From freshly prepared soup to a healthy meal the canteen serves a range of dishes that will allow our patients to health quickly.


Our Cathlab department is headed by an expert cardiologist who performs several minimally invasive tests and procedures that help to understand and diagnose cardiovascular disease.

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